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Media and Information Technology - MIT

The division for Media and Information Technology (MIT) conducts fundamental and applied research, and undergraduate and postgraduate education. MIT is a part of the Department of Science and Technology at Linköping University. The division is headed by professor Anders Ynnerman and collaborates closely with the Norrköping Visualization Center C.

On the homepage you will find information about our research and education. Feel free to contact us if you would like any additional information, by mailing Eva Skärblom.

Recent publications

Here are the most recent publications by MIT. Go to the publication page for a complete list.

Stefan Lindholm, "Medical Volume Visualization Beyond Single Voxel Values", Linköping Studies in Science and Technology. Dissertations, No. 1614, 2014.
Stefan Lindholm, Martin Falk, Erik Sundén, Alexander Bock,, Anders Ynnerman, Timo Ropinski, "Hybrid Data Visualization Based On Depth Complexity Histogram Analysis", Computer graphics forum (Print), (Epub ahead of print), 2014.
Stefan Lindholm, Daniel Forsberg, Anders Ynnerman, Hans Knutsson, Mats Andersson, Claes Lundström, "Towards Clinical Deployment of Automated Anatomical Regions-Of-Interest", Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, 137-143, 2014.
Stefan Lindholm, Daniel Jönsson, Charles Hansen, Anders Ynnerman, "Boundary Aware Reconstruction of Scalar Fields", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, (In press), 2014.
Karljohan Lundin Palmerius, Daniel Johansson, Gunnar Höst, Konrad Schönborn, "An Analysis of the Influence of a Pseudo-haptic Cue on the Haptic Perception of Weight", EuroHaptics 2014, 24-27 June 2014, Versailles, France, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8618/8619, 2014.

Events at MIT

Thesis defence in Visualization and Interaction - Stefan Lindholm

Title: “Medical Volume Visualization Beyond Single Voxel Values”
Faculty opponent: Ass. Prof. Eduard Gröller, Technische Universität, Wien, Austria
Time: Oktober 3, at 9:00
Place: The Dome theatre, Kopparhammaren

MIT seminar: To be announced

Time: Thur October 9, at 11-12
Place: VR-arena, Kopparhammaren
Speaker: To be announced

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