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Miriam Reiner - Behavioral and neural correlates of learning

An integrated virtual reality- EEG system and Eye-tracking to study behavioral and neural correlates of learning -- A review of recent studies

Sammanfattning: The talk will describe our recent results on enhancement of learning using multisensory integrationin of a virtual environment. Both behavioral and neural activations of motor and symbolic learning will be reported. In addition, a neureofeedback recent study will be reported, suggesting enhancement of memory consolidation using feedback on neural activations.

Professor Miriam Reiner från The Virtual Reality and NeuroCognition Lab, Israel Institute of Technology Haifa Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel, och Stanford, US, ger seminariet i samband med Petter Bivalls disputation.

Tid: 14:30

Lokal: VR-rummet, plan 1 i Visualiseringscentret

Fri Oct 01 16:10:00 CEST 2010

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