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Dr Sasan Gooran - Dot Gain and Color Prediction Model

Talare: Dr Sasan Gooran

Titel: Dot Gain and Color Prediction Model

Tid: Tors 28/4, kl 15.15

Plats: K24


In order to obtain high print quality it is very important to study dot gain and the interaction between ink and paper. Having good and simple color prediction models also makes the preprint process more efficient. In color print we know that the characteristics of primary-color inks are far from ideal. Many of the color-prediction models consider that the characteristics of a color ink, which is printed on paper differs from those of the same ink printed together with another ink. By separating the primary-color inks of a color print, it is possible to study characteristics such as the effective dot area and the penetration of each individual ink into the paper.

In this talk I will shortly explain parts of the research we have been doing in our research group. I will briefly explain the basics for color prediction models and present our simple model that has been presented in a number of papers. I will also explain how to separate color inks from each other by using our high-resolution camera (Oden).

Thu Apr 28 09:24:00 CEST 2011

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