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Mats Lind - Visualization from a vision science perspective

Talare: Mats Lind

Tid: 3 Nov, 15.15-16

Plats: VR-teatern, Kopparhammaren


As shown in the books by Colin Ware, basic results from vision research can greatly aid in the design of usable visualizations. During this seminar I will summarize these findings as well as add a few new ones, all with a practical design situation in mind. I will also raise some fundamental theoretical issues regarding the possible limits to the usefulness of visualizations.

Mats Lind is currently professor of Human-Computer Interaction at the department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University. He has a background in visual perception as well as HCI and publishes in both domains, including papers on information visualization.

Thu Nov 03 10:14:00 CET 2011

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