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GPU-Based High-Performance Visualization

Talare: Prof. Markus Hadwiger, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Tid: Tors 24/11, kl 15.15-16

Plats: TP51 


This talk will give an overview of selected research that we are doing in interactive high-performance visualization at the Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Center (GMSV) at KAUST. Interactive visualization is crucial to exploring, analyzing, and understanding data. But although achieving interactivity is an important goal, both the amount and complexity of the data that are acquired or simulated is increasing rapidly, presenting a tremendous challenge to interactive visualization and analysis. Our research tries to exploit the massively parallel architecture of GPUs together with customized algorithms to tackle these problems. In this talk, I will describe two different lines of research in this field, one focusing more on data size, and the other focusing more on data complexity. In the first one I will describe memory management and visualization of petascale electron microscopy data from neuroscience. The second one deals with the visualization of very complex general grids from computational fluid dynamics.

Thu Nov 24 16:52:00 CET 2011

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