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Kenneth Bodin: Constraint Based Multiphysics Simulation in Computer Graphics

Talare: Kenneth Bodin, UMIT Research Lab, Umeå University, and Algoryx Simulation, Umeå

Tid: Tisdag, 24 januari, kl 14:00

Plats: VR-teatern, Kopparhammaren


Physics based simulation has become an integral part of interactive computer graphics with applications in e.g. computer games, virtual reality  simulators, education and movie visual effects. Requirements on visualization and interactivity also arise for simulations in science and engineering, and therefore we see convergence in the simulation methods used in all of these areas. In the seminar I will review models and theory for constraint based physics modeling with discrete variational time stepping methods. In particular I will present results from a recent paper of ours where such methods are applied in computational fluids dynamics and and implemented on GPU, with applications ranging from education to movie visual effects. The seminar will include many video examples as well as interactive applications.

Tue Jan 24 17:16:00 CET 2012

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