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Professor Henning Christiansen - The Experience Cylinder at Roskilde

Talare: Professor Henning Christiansen, Computer Science Dept, Roskilde University, Denmark
Tid: Torsdag, 8 Nov kl 14:00
Plats: VR-teatern, Kopparhammaren


The Experience Cylinder is a generic, interactive installation currently under development at Roskilde University. It consists of a large circular screen, a number of synchronized projectors, a Kinect device that tracks the users and a loudspeaker system for creating localized sound. It was first developed for an application in cooperation with the Viking Ship Museum of Roskilde for visualizing data collected during a voyage from Roskilde to Dublin and back with a full size reconstruction of a Viking longship.

The software is now being developed into a more generic form, where new active components can be added easily, almost in a drag-and-drop fashion. In relation to this, we are experimenting with an adaptation of the language of Constraint Handling Rules for programming of knowledge intensive components in such installations. The goal is to provide simple and rule-based programming facilities for distributed reasoning with persistent and shared knowledge bases, through which communication between different components also can be made.

Thu Nov 08 07:33:00 CET 2012

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