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Ho Van Quan- GAV framework and applications

Tid: Ons 12/12, kl 14:00-15:00
Plats: VR-arena

Titel: GAV framework and applications
Talare: Ho Van Quan, MIT/ITN


The rise of ‘Web 2.0’ has become undisputedly linked with developments such as blogs, wikis, social networking and collaborative software development. While the benefits of visual analytics tools are many, it has been a challenge to adapt these tools to the Internet and reach a broader user community scaling the size of the audience and not only the data. In this context, we introduce GAV toolkit/framework which includes a large collection of highly interactive web-based visualization components facilitating an emerging interdisciplinary field named geovisual analytics that integrates perspectives from visual analytics, geographic and information visualization, geospatial semantics and knowledge management and spatial analysis. A number of interactive web-based visualization applications which are developed based on the framework are also presented.

Wed Dec 12 16:25:00 CET 2012

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