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Lars Arvestad - Inferring and reconciling gene trees

Tid: 18 December, kl 13-14

Plats: VR-arenan, Kopparhammaren

Talare: Lars Arvestad, Stockholms universitet


In phylogenetics you are interested in inferring an evolutionary history based on the mutational changes you can see in DNA or protein sequences. This is a surprisingly difficult task and scientists have spent many years on figuring out how to best make use of the data. In many cases, however, there is more data to use. Besides point mutations, genes undergo duplications and losses and a gene tree can therefore look different from a species over the involved species. We have worked on models and methods for inferring gene trees with both sequences data and the species tree as input. Our results show a significant improvement in accuracy when the inference is conditioned on the species tree.

Wed Dec 18 09:37:00 CET 2013

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