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Claes Lundström - Effective visualization of microscopy images in clinical routine

Tid: Tor 20 november, kl 11:00-12
Plats: K21, Kåkenhus
Talare: Claes Lundström


Pathology is the medical discipline upon which virtually all health care depends. Through visual analysis of microscopy images of for instance tissue specimen (histology), diseases are diagnosed and treatment options are evaluated. This domain is currently undergoing a digital revolution, where the microscopy images are scanned into digital format in the clinical routine. This opens up vast opportunities for novel visualization methods. One challenge is that the images are extremely large, 100,000x100,000 pixels is common. In this talk I will outline central items in a visualization research agenda for this clinical domain, and describe the ongoing national initiative lead from the CMIV branch of MIT involving half of Sweden's care providers and industry.

Thu Nov 20 09:52:00 CET 2014

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