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Andrey Krekhov - MorphableUI: Modeling Distributed Interaction in Dynamic User Environments

Tid: Fre 21 November, kl 14:00-15
Plats: VR-arenan, Kopparhammaren
Talare: Andrey Krekhov


Nowadays, users interact with applications in heterogeneous and constantly changing environments. VR and Visualization areas benefit from the plethora of interconnected I/O modalities available for applications. These dynamic applications require interfaces not only based on the traditional mouse and keyboard but also on gestures, speech, or highly-specialized VR/AR/MR equipment. However, realizing the exponential number of possible user interfaces is infeasible for developers and would in addition overburden users.

The interaction model introduced in this paper addresses two issues. First, it offers a user- and developer-friendly way to establish dynamic connections between arbitrary applications and interaction device capabilities. We introduce three I/O data operators to cast, split, and merge interaction events and thus, account for higher-order I/O transfer functions. Connections are determined by searching a hypergraph that represents both device capabilities and application requirements. Second, the dynamic nature of our model emphasizes rapid prototyping in heterogeneous environments. Thus, a number of devices, such as Leap Motions, joysticks, Kinects, smartphones, and Oculus Rifts, can be used to drive a set of sample applications in mobile, conventional desktop, display wall, and virtual reality configurations. In addition, the talk will present a mobile application for on-the-fly UI customization. The system enables developers to bring to market applications with personalizable UIs orders of magnitude more rapidly than traditional ad hoc solutions.

Fri Nov 21 11:32:00 CET 2014

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