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Mattias Andersson - Angle resolved measurement and modeling of light scattering

Tid: Mån 15 December, kl 11:00-12
Plats: VR-arenan, Kopparhammaren
Talare: PhD Mattias Andersson, Mittuniversitetet, Örnsköldsvik


At the Digital Printing Center in Örnsköldsvik, we are building a laboratory environment for characterization of materials’ properties. By using spectral, angle resolved reflectance/transmittance measurements; we are able to characterize materials in terms of angle resolved light scattering. Recent research activities include characterization of materials in terms of scattering coefficient, absorption coefficient and asymmetry parameter by combining spectral goniophotometry and light scattering models based on radiative transfer theory, separation of surface and bulk scattering and development of new methods for estimation of optical properties and appearance. We are currently expanding our laboratory recourses with a modular, angle resolved spectral imaging system for transmittance/reflectance measurements for materials and coatings used in flexible electronics applications such as solar cells and displays.

Mattias Andersson is the manager of the Digital Printing Center at Mid Sweden University in Örnsköldsvik. He has a M.Sc. in Applied Physics/Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Media Technology from Linköping University.

Niklas Johansson is a PhD student at the Digital Printing Center at Mid Sweden University. He has a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Umeå University in 2002 and a Technical Licentiate from Mid Sweden University in 2012.

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