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Andreas Kerren - Web-Based Visual Analyses

- From Visual Text Analytics to Collaborative Network Visualization

Talare: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kerren, Linnaeus University, Växjö
Tid: Mån 26/1, kl 13:15-14
Plats: VR-arenan, Kopparhammaren


This talk will give an overview of web-based visualization research performed by the ISOVIS research group at Linnaeus University, Växjö. After providing a short outline of our overall research interests, I will talk about two sample projects in more detail. First, early but primal results of the StaViCTA project are presented that aims to tackle the challenge of investigating stance (such as attitudes, feelings, perspectives, or judgements) in human communication. Here, I illustrate our web-based visualization tool uVSAT which uses a (multidimensional) sentiment analysis approach in order to provide basic stance analysis capabilities and to collect stance markers necessary for further research. Second, I propose a new visualization environment which supports distributed, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration for graphs with up to 10,000 nodes and edges. In addition to standard collaboration features like event tracking or synchronization, our client/server-based system provides visualization and interaction techniques for better navigation, guidance and overview of the network data set. Changes made by specific analysts or even just visited network elements are highlighted on demand by heat maps.

Tue Jan 20 14:26:00 CET 2015

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