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Leslie Pendrill - Man as a Measurement Instrument

Speaker: Adj prof Leslie Pendrill, Forskare, SP Mätteknik
Time: Fri 6/2 at 14:00-15
Place: K23


Uncertainties in measurement will lead to certain risks of incorrect decisions, such as accepting a bad product. With the rise in interest in human perception, not only in sectors such as health care, services and safety, where the human factor is obvious, but also from manufacturers of all kinds interested in customer perception, there is a need to handle uncertainties in qualitative observations. This lecture reviews how this can be tackled with a measurement system analysis approach, particularly where Man acts as a measurement instrument. Connecting decision risks when handling qualitative observations with perceptive choice, information theory, and generalized linear modelling – through the Rasch invariant measure approach – enables a proper treatment of ordinal data and a clear separation of person and item attribute estimates. This leads in turn to opportunities of establishing measurement references, and the metrological quality assurance that is urgently needed in many contemporary applications.
*The speaker (leslie.pendrill@sp.sehttp://metrology.wordpress.com) is Chair of ISO TC12 'Quantities & Units' standardisation technical committee; and member of the Metre Convention's Joint Committee on Guides in Metrology. He has formerly been Chair of EURAMET, the European Association of National Metrology Institutes, and Chair of Commission 2 SUNAMCO of the International Union of Pure & Applied Physics. This research is performed in the EU project NEW04 Uncertainty - Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation is part of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP, FP7 Art. 185), jointly funded by the EMRP participating countries within EURAMET (www.euramet.org) and the European Union.

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