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Niklas Rönnberg - Sound, Communication, and Visualization

Talare: Niklas Rönnberg
Tid: 12/2, kl 11:00-12
Plats: VR-arenan


This seminar have two purposes. First I would like to present myself, my educational background in media and communication studies as well as my research work within cognitive hearing science. Cognitive hearing science is a rather new and emerging interdisciplinary research area. It involves sound technology (eg signal processing algorithms in hearing aids), audiology (measurements of the hearing ability), and cognitive psychology (as the brain is heavily involved in listening). Hearing can be described as a passive function that gives access to the world of sounds. Listening is rather an activity as listening is hearing but with intention and attention, thus listening implies the use of cognitive resources. My research involved measuring listening effort by assessing the amount of free cognitive resources after successful listening. An objective measurement of listening effort would be a useful instrument in the hearing aid fitting process, since a well fitted hearing aid would imply less listening effort. Listening effort seems to be dependent on cognitive abilities (eg working memory capacity and executive functions), hearing status (eg attenuation, frequency discrimination, and temporal resolution), as well as hearing aid settings (eg amplification, dynamic range compression, and noise reduction).

Second, I will introduce my ideas for the course in Sound technology that I will give the coming fall for the third year students at the master of science in media technology study program. I think it is of great importance for the course that I get feedback and suggestions from the rest of the research and teaching staff regarding the content of the course, about the knowledge the students have when they enter the course, as well as about the knowledge in sound technology that would be useful for the students to bring to courses following after. Finally, I will present some thoughts about possible research ideas for the future, involving sound, communication, and visualisation, and it would be very interesting to get further ideas, suggestions and thoughts from the rest of the group.

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