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Asher Pembroke - Visualization and analysis of space weather models with Kameleon

an access and interpolation library developed at the Community Coordinated Modeling Center

Talare: Asher Pembroke, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow
Tid: Thu 12/3 at 11:00-12
Plats: Domen, Kopparhammaren


The Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) supports and serves the community of space weather scientists, educators, and NASA mission specialists by providing computational resources and analysis tools for a host of physics-driven simulations describing the near-Earth space environment.  Space weather models are used for understanding and predicting plasma conditions which can damage terrestrial infrastructure, such as power grids, pipelines, and GPS. However, output from space weather models is often unformatted and lacking in metadata, making it difficult for researchers to access, visualize, and interpret their results. In addition, the high dimensionality and resolution of the models poses a significant challenge to model reduction even for experts, let alone the average CCMC user.  To that end, we have developed Kameleon, a suite of converters and interpolators for standardizing model output and providing high-level access to models hosted at the CCMC. We describe some of the work we’ve done to simplify the model reduction and visualization process, as well as our present and future ambitions in collaboration with Linköping University and the OpenSpace project.

Mon Mar 09 17:19:00 CET 2015

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