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The research in the Visual learning and communication group concerns the use of visualizations in science teaching and learning. This includes investigate aspects of students' interpretation of and interaction with visualizations, as well as the design of visualizations for learning. The group consists of people with backgrounds in the life sciences, media technology, and educational science.

Visual learning and communication is headed by professor Lena Tibell and is situated in Norrköping. It is a part of the division for Media and Information Technology at the Department of science and technology (ITN), Linköping University.

Research agenda

Research projects

EvoVis: Challenging Threshold Concepts in Life Science

Enhancing understanding of evolution by visualization. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR 2012-5344), principal investigator Lena Tibell.

NanoSim environment

Immersive Education: Virtual Nano Environments for Learning

Interacting with virtual nanotechnology environments in building and learning fundamental science concepts. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR 2011-5569), principal investigator Konrad Schönborn.

Will more science in pre-school teacher education affect kids' school careers?

Evaluation of the long-term effects of a quasi-experiment. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR 2009-6045), principal investigator Erik Mellander, Institutet för arbetsmarknads- och utbildningspolitisk utvärdering, Uppsala.

Physical model of virus capsid self-assembly

Science Education Aspects of Visualization in Molecular Life Science

- with focus on critical features and semiotics. Funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR 2008-5077), principal investigator Lena Tibell.

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