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Patrik Svensson - The Story of a Humanities Lab: Connecting Ideas, People and Infrastructure

Time: 5 May, at 13:15-14
Place: VR-arenan, Kopparhammaren
Speaker: Patrik Svensson, professor in the Digital Humanities and director of HUMlab at Umeå University


I will tell the story of a humanities laboratory that started out in abandoned exam hall in the basement below the university library, not primarily to provide the full institutional narrative, but as a way of discussing processes, strategies and people important to enact meaningful, friendly and sharp  meeting places across disciplines, perspectives and interactions. I will also discuss how ideas are embedded in, made possibly by and conditioned by  infrastructure, technology and space (exemplified by very concrete installations). Furthermore, I will touch on (and critique) the field of digital humanities and describe a few ongoing/planned research and development projects. The talk will be accompanied by photos, film clips and 3D models.


Patrik Svensson is the director of HUMlab at Umeå University and a professor in the Digital Humanities at the same university. His background is in linguistics and his earlier work was on ancient languages, learning and technology, and mediation of language. His more recent research spans higher education, research infrastructure and the emergence of the field digital humanities. Over the last 10+ years Svensson has been heavily involved in building HUMlab, an international platform, infrastructure and milieu for humanities, culture and technology. He is currently in the process of finishing two book projects on the digital humanities, equipping a display studio, organizing a large university project on interactive environments and starting up a company.


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