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Lena Tibell

Professor in Visual Learning and Communication, Biochemistry and Life Science Education.

My research interests range from protein chemistry, molecular interactions and cell biology to life science education. My current research focus is to investigate students’ interpretation of visualizations used in the learning and teaching of molecular and cellular biosciences. In collaboration with the members of our group, we are presently focused on students' construction of aperceptual complex, dynamic and emergent concepts as they interact with visual and multimodal representations.

My educational background is MSc in mathematics, chemistry and biology from Uppsala and Göteborg Universities. I holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Umeå University with professor Sven Lindskog as supervisor. The PhD thesis concerned the catalytic mechanism of Carbonic Anhydrase II. After my PhD I worked as Researcher in a small biotechnology company, Symbicom AB, Umeå. From 1990 I worked as Assistant and Associate professor at the Department of Biochemistry, Umeå University. In 2001 I became Associate professor at the Department of Cell Biology, Linköping University and from 2009 Professor at the Division of Information and Media Technology, Department of Science and Technology at Linköping university. In 2011 I was awarded a Contract professorship at Linköping university.
I am Chairman and Scientific leader of the National National Graduate School in Science and Technology Education Research, FontD

email: lena.tibell@itn.liu.se
telephone: (office) +46 (0)11-363376
(mobile) +46 (0)70-9997633

List of publications

Lena Tibells hemsida

Biochemistry research

Some recent and ongoing projects

Challenging Threshold Concepts in Life Science - enhancing understanding of evolution by visualization. Granted by The Swedish Research Council

Science Education Aspects of Visualization in Molecular Life Science – with focus on Critical Features and Semiotics. Granted by The Swedish Research Council

Multisensory Insights into Molecular Docking and Recognition - A thinking-tool for learners and researchers. Granted by KK-stiftelsen

Visualization as communicative tool in science and science education. Granted by The Swedish Research Council

Using Research to Promote Conceptual Understanding, Assessment and Research‐Based teaching of Physical Science and Life Science at Secondary Level in South Africa and Sweden. Granted by The Swedish Research Council and South african National Science Foundation.

As Co-applicant:

Will more science in pre-school teacher education affect kids school careers. Granted by The Swedish Research Council.
Creative Environments for Science Education - Interactive Technology for Motivation and Activation. Granted by Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond Wallenberg.

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