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Berkant Savas

Research interests

NEW: Clustered matrix approximation (pdf) , ACCEPTED for publication in SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications. CMAPP: MATLAB implementation and a number of test examples is available.

My research background is in scientific computing, numerical linear and multilinear algebra. Particular interests:

  1. Large scale computations for graphs and network problems. Applications: link prediction in dynamic networks; use of multiple sources of information for link prediction and group recommendation. 

  2. Large scale computations with matrices and tensors. 

  3. Analysis, theory and algorithm development for tensors, tensor decompositions, and tensor computations. For example: low multilinear rank approximation of tensors; Krylov-type methods for tensor computations; perturbation analysis of low rank tensor approximations. 

  4. Optimization methods for problems defined on Grassmann and Stiefel manifolds.

For more info see my publications.

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Contact info

Dept of Science and Technology 
Campus Norrköping 
Linköping University 
601 74 Norrköping 

Email: berkant.savas@liu.se
Phone: +46 11 36 3112
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